Office Productivity Services

Office Productivity is more than just a set of products.  It is a new way of working with information and documents, communication and collaboration.

Reinvent how your office works with advanced cloud-based tools, collaboration, and the familiarity of the Office software. We package the Office 365 platform with advanced learning tools and training to move your office to a new level of productivity.

Your Office Everywhere

Move past the old days of your files and communication being stuck in the office.  Now your email, documents and communication go with you, on all devices.

  • Secure, yet accessible on PCs, Macs, phones and tablets
  • Easily share and collaborate on your documents
  • Your team, your tasks, your contacts, all integrated

Advanced Features

Office 365 gives you advanced services and features that you cannot get anywhere else.

  • Easily organize your office into teams, based on departments, functions, or any way you want.
  • Teams have their own chat-based work space, file system, planner and email group.
  •  Gain insights into company information across all documents
  • Build workflows and mobile apps that integrate with all of Office 365 and many 3rd party applications.


Understanding the tools you have available and how to transform your office can seem like a daunting task.  We want you to succeed and make use of the new tools and techniques, so as part of Office Productivity, we help you learn.

  • Advanced online Learning Center, with thousands of resources to teach you all facets of Office 365
  • Support for peer to peer knowledge transfer
  • Remote or in house instruction on specific subjects

How Can We Help?

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