We finally have our new site up!

Our new web site is much more modern and functional, and helps you understand how we have aligned our business.  

We've also made it easier to get in touch, and to sign up for our newsletter.  

How It's Made

Most web commercial web sites are based on some sort of Content Management System (CMS).  While many are based on blog software, we don't feel this is optimal for a site that isn't primarily a blog. Instead we chose a high performance CMS system called Umbraco.  This CMS provides the flexibility to build sites any way you choose, and is amazingly high performance.

Umbraco is a great platform to build on, but you still need to build on it.  We found a great company that has done a lot of that building for us:  Uskinned. They built a wonderful business template that has all the pages and content parts you need to build a great site quickly.  

Need a new corporate web site that is modern, easy to build and maintain?  Give us a call and we will set you up!

About the author

Ed is the President of Pacific Software & Data.